Super 73 Electric Bikes Michigan

Super 73 Electric Bikes Michigan

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In recent years, electric bikes have started taking the world by storm, providing an efficient and fun mode of transportation with no license, registration, or insurance required. Super73 is a leader in the electric bike market, offering iconic appearances, three different style options, and top-tier performance. Here at Dick Scott Freedom Automotive, part of the Dick Scott Auto Group, we're proud to be one of the few Super73 dealers outside of the company headquarters in Irvine, CA. So we'd like to offer you a look at the Super73 electric bike lineup and all that they have to offer!

Electric Bike General Information

Before we dig into the kinds of bikes Super73 offers, it's important to understand what an electric bike is and how it works. Electric bikes operate with a battery and an electric motor. Most commonly, electric bikes use what is called a hub motor which sits near the center of the wheel. In most cases, hub motors are activated one of two ways, with a throttle or with pedal assist. Pedal assist requires the rider to pedal to get the electric motor running. This allows you to reach the top speed with much less effort than needed to reach it on a traditional bike. Super73 bikes use both pedal assist and a throttle, allowing you to activate the motor without pedaling. There is a wide selection of options for power options when it comes to selecting a bike that's right for you. This selection should be based on how and where you plan to use the electric bike. Top speeds for electric bikes range from 20 to 28 MPH. You may be thinking that doesn't seem like much, but just wait until you try it out!

What Bikes Does Super73 Offer?

Super73 offers three different series of bikes, R, S, and Z. The R-Series is designed for exciting performance on or off the pavement. With fully-adjustable dual suspension, multi-class ride modes, LED headlight and taillight, knobby all-terrain tires, a digital smart display with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, a removable battery, a 2,000-watt hub motor, and up to 75 miles of range in pedal-assist mode, the R-Series is ready for any adventure that you are. Super73 R-Series models include the base-level R, R Brooklyn, RX, RX Malibu, and RX Mojave. The S-Series lineup features an iconic design with performance geared towards urban riding, offering powerful performance, a bright headlight, a removable battery, and up to 1,000 watts from the hub motor. The two S-Series models include the S1 and S2. Lastly, the Z-Series is designed for daily commutes, perfect for getting to and from work or class. The Z-Series uses an integrated battery, a 900-watt hub motor, and retro urban tires to tackle short rides in the neighborhood.

Get Your Super 73 E-Bike at Dick Scott Powersports in Livonia MI

The Super73 bikes are the original electric bikes, providing a fun and powerful riding experience. If you're looking for a new Super73 bike in the Livonia, Michigan area, then contact Dick Scott Freedom Powersports! Our friendly sales team will help guide you toward the model that will best suit your needs and help get it for you. Contact our sales team by phone at (734) 542-8000 or visit us in-store. We hope to hear from you soon!

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