Why is Dick Scott Automotive Group Where You Should Service Your Car?

While you may know Dick Scott Automotive Group for the plentiful variety of new and used cars that we offer, many also visit us when searching for a place to service their car near Detroit. Everyone can enjoy how a brand-new car runs, but how do you keep it operating smoothly? Quality maintenance can play a big role in that. You can trust Dick Scott Automotive Group with your new or pre-owned vehicle, whether it is a regular maintenance schedule visit, or something needs to get repaired. We enjoy offering you quality locations to bring your vehicle into for servicing near Plymouth, MI.


Where you get your vehicle looked at and serviced can mean a world of difference. The technicians that are at Dick Scott Automotive Group have a plethora of knowledge in servicing cars and have experience, up-to-date tools, and genuine parts that they use to get your car serviced near Fowlerville, MI, quickly and immaculately.

Not only can you feel confident coming to us for car service, but we have a broad assortment of services that we offer. What are some of the types of services you can get done? Our services include everything from the well-known elements like tire rotations, wheel alignments, and oil changes, to others like services for the transmission, a tune-up for the engine, getting your vehicle new spark plugs, a new air filter, and many more.

See Why Many Come to Dick Scott Automotive Group for Car Service!

Do you want to experience the top-notch care that Dick Scott Automotive Group offers for automotive service near Northville, MI? See which location is near you, and schedule your appointment online so that you can get to see our exemplary car services that drivers in Lansing to motorists near Canton, MI, can rely on for all of their car servicing needs.