Onewheel Electric Skateboard

Onewheel Electric Skateboard

Presented by Dick Scott Auto Group

Welcome to the future! The future of skateboarding, that is. Not quite as futuristic as the Marty McFly hoverboard, not yet anyway. But the Onewheel electric skateboard is pretty close! With this one-wheeled electric skateboard, you can navigate just about any terrain for your daily commute or just some weekend fun! Stanford University engineering student, Kyle Doerksen, set out to reimagine the skateboard by bridging the gap between sensible transportation and enjoyable recreation. He redesigned the Onewheel for 8 years before starting Future Motion Inc. in 2013. In 2014, Kyle released the Onewheel original! Fast-forward to present day, and the Onewheel has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Now it comes in two variants, the small but mighty Onewheel Pint and the thrilling Onewheel XR. Read below to learn more about the Onewheel!

What is a Onewheel and How Does it Work?

As was mentioned above, the Onewheel is an electric skateboard made by Future Motion Inc. The Onewheel gets its name from the one wheel in the middle of the board. The rider stands perpendicular to the direction of travel with their feet on footpads at either side of the wheel. It operates with a 750W Hypercore brushless motor powered by an NMC battery. It provides a normal skateboarding feel with the leaning motion steering the rider back and forth without manually pushing with their foot. The Onewheel can ride forward and backward, and it even makes constant adjustments to keep the rider balanced. To stop, all the rider has to do is lift their heel off the front footpad. All Onewheel models use 'Pushback' to warn riders when they're nearing the safe maximum speed.

What Are the Differences Between Pint and XR?

The Onewheel Pint is designed more for daily commute and recreational riding on paved surfaces. The Pint has a top speed of 16 MPH and a range of 6-8 miles. It also has a narrower stance than the XR, with the rider's feet 18 inches apart. The wheel on the Pint is 10.5 inches by 4.5 inches. Lastly, the Pint weighs approximately 23 pounds. The Onewheel XR is larger, with a stance of 21 inches. The XR's wheel is also larger with a diameter of 11.5 inches and a width of 6.5 inches. The Onewheel XR is geared more towards big adventures and can take you from the paved sidewalk to the singletrack trails. It has a top speed of 19 MPH and can travel 12-18 miles. The XR has a weight of about 27 pounds.

Onewheel Electric Skateboard at Dick Scott's Freedom Powersports

Are you ready to step into the future of personal transportation? Then come on down to Dick Scott Auto Group's Freedom Powersports to check out the Onewheel today! For more information about the one wheel or how to get your hands on one, check out our website here! We hope to see you soon!

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