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Willys Wheeler a highlight at the Texas Truck Rodeo

Having two days to sample 75 different trucks, SUVs and crossovers sounds like being handed the keys to the candy store. But the old admonition about being careful what you wish for is is very appropriate: it?s a lot of candy, you get only a little taste of each kind and you have to eat very fast.

The reality is that you get about 12-13 hours of total driving time to sample as many of those vehicles as possible; you have to share those vehicles with 60 other people that have the same requirement and you have to be…
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2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 6.4L Manual

There are two things we need to get straight before we embark on this review of the 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack.

1. No, this is not the Hellcat, as half of the people we encountered thought (or hoped) it was. No, it is not the supercharged one. No, it doesn?t have 700 horsepower. 

2. Mopar fans are not like the rest of us. That might just be because Mopars aren?t like other cars. A few bits of evidence: The Mod Top; the ?meep, meep? horn on the Road Runner; and a general obsession with cartoon…

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Hellcat Watch

Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Charger Hellcat buyers may want to supplement their powerful new car with a stylish new watch, sold by the Bozeman Watch Company and named after the same American naval fighter plane as the new supercharged Hemi engines. The watch costs around 10% of the car's price ? $6,125 (the price is slated to go up after production begins).

The Hellcat, whose engines were made by Nash, brought down 5,271 enemy fighters during the second half of World War II. Bozeman Watch's web site claims the watch "pays homage to its namesake with its…
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Safe Tires Equal a Safe Family How to Test and Maintain Your Tires

You know when you have a flat tire, but do you notice when your tires aren?t in their best condition? Knowing how to check your tires for signs of deterioration can help to prevent accidents as a result of tire failure, and keep you and your family safe on the road.

Under-inflation is the number-one cause of tire failure, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Another more surprising side effect of under-inflated tires is reduced fuel economy. But it makes perfect sense when you consider how much harder your vehicle has to work with even one under-inflated tire…
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8 Things You Need To Know About Back-Up Cameras

On the evening of October 19, 2002, pediatrician Greg Gulbransen walked out his front door to move the family's sport-utility vehicle into the driveway. Unbeknownst to him, his 2-year-old son Cameron followed. Gulbransen was backing up when he felt a small bump, discovering only after it was too late that he'd accidentally run over and killed the boy.

Back-up accidents involving a small child inadvertently hurt or killed by a family member driving away from home happen all too frequently. Driving safety advocate Janette Fennell even has a name for them: the bye-bye syndrome.

On March 31, 2014…

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Nissan Group becomes No. 1 full-line manufacturer in EPA’s annual fuel economy review

     - Nissan Group takes lead as most fuel efficient full-line automaker with largest year-over-year improvement among any automotive manufacturer

     - Lightweight engineering strategy, improved aerodynamics and efficient transmissions drive fuel economy improvements

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ? Nissan Group is the most fuel efficient full-line automaker in the United States, according to the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) "Trends" Report. Nissan?s fleet-wide fuel economy rating of 26.2 combined1 mpg was highest among all full-line automakers in the annual report, which is the authoritative reference on new light-duty vehicle carbon dioxide emissions, fuel economy and powertrain technology trends in the United States.


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When Should I Change My Oil?

An engine oil change is a relatively simple service. It?s widely touted as the single most important part of your car?s maintenance schedule. There is a good reason for this. Nothing will shorten engine life faster than missed oil changes. But how can you tell when you should change your oil?  Advances in technology and increased consumer awareness have created some confusion to how often this needs to happen.

The Easy Answer

For most of us, all we need to do is follow the manufacturer?s recommended maintenance schedule for oil change intervals. Their guidelines are designed to…
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Michigan gas prices tumble to 10-month low

Gasoline prices in Michigan tumbled to their lowest point in about 10 months, and analysts expect prices to keep falling.

The average price of an unleaded gallon of gasoline fell to $3.27, down 13 cents from a week ago, according to AAA.

In metro Detroit, it was a similar story. The average price dropped 10 cents to $3.31 per gallon.

"Decreased demand, relatively lower crude prices and the cost savings associated with producing winter-blend fuel will likely keep downward pressure on the price for retail gasoline," AAA Michigan said in a statement. "Barring any major disruptions in supply…
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Safe Bowhunting Tips

Michigan's bowhunting season opened, Oct. 1, and the Department of Natural Resources conservation officers are sharing tips for a safe bowhunting experience.

"Bowhunting is a popular pastime in Michigan and we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable hunting season," said Sgt. Tom Wanless, supervisor of the DNR's hunter education program. "There are some common-sense safety tips every hunter should review before heading to the woods."

The top safety tips for bowhunting are:
- Before you go out, inspect equipment, including your tree stand. If anything is worn, frayed, cracked or peeling, replace it or get it fixed…
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Wrangler may leave frame, factory, steel behind

The 2017 Jeep Wrangler may leave its historic steel body-on-frame construction and Toledo plant behind, according to Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, as quoted by Automotive News? Larry Vellequette.

The current Wrangler has good mileage for rugged four wheel drive vehicles, but poor economy overall, at around 17/21 mpg (depending on model and transmission).

Mr. Marchionne said the Wrangler will need to lose weight and might need an aluminum unibody setup; previously, he had implied that Wrangler would be Chrysler?s first car to make extensive use of aluminum since the Plymouth Prowler, whose team was largely hired by Ford…
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