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10 Best Vehicles for the End of the World

By James Tate of Popular Mechanics
As read on: http://editorial.autos.msn.com/10-best-vehicles-for-the-end-of-the-world#1

Nuclear winter. Worldwide economic collapse. Zombie takeover. We all have a favorite apocalyptic situation that we occasionally find ourselves pondering. One very important question: What vehicle do you want as your trusty steed?

Paramount Marauder

Sure, the Hummer-dwarfing Marauder starts at around half a million dollars. But for your megabucks you get a fully functional roving fortress. With room for a crew of two up front, plus eight in the back (in standard configuration), the Marauder is designed to withstand impact from mines or…
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Dealer Concepts partners with Dick Scott Automotive Group for QR-code blitz

Dealer Concepts, a leader in providing innovative customer retention and marketing programs, today announced its partnership with Dick Scott Automotive Group of  Plymouth, Mich., to provide full-scale QR-code promotions at each of its dealer locations.

QR codes are a visual representation of a website address, YouTube video, Google Map, vCard, or links to social-media sites.  Dick Scott Automotive Group is one of Michigan's first dealers to support this technology with a full-marketing campaign.  Each Dick Scott location will feature banners, loyalty cards, T-shirts, and cut-out displays featuring their custom QR code.  The dealership also plans to display a 10…
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Tax Tips: 6 Money Saving Opportunities You Shouldn't Miss

It's tax time. And there's no time like the present to get your tax documents together and start your return.

With tax deductions and credits for education, dependent care, retirement and more, there's no reason to miss out on some smart, money-saving moves that can help you get a bigger tax refund.

1. Education Credits and Deductions- The U.S government provides incentives, in the form of education credits and deductions, to reduce your tax bill and help take the bite out of paying for a college education for you, your spouse, or children. There are several…

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Ration Stamps & Bombers - WWII at Home Exhibit at the Plymouth Historical Museum

January 18 - June 17, 2012

The new exhibit at the Plymouth Historical Museum, "Ration Stamps & Bombers: WWII at Home,"  showcases how the lives of people in Plymouth and the Detroit area were affected by World War II. The enlightening exhibit features a collection of stories and items that pertain to several Plymouth residents who offered their services during the war, and details the contributions and sacrifices that they made for Plymouth and the country. The exhibit highlights items from the Museum's World War II collection, and presents unique items that are on loan from other institutions, including…

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Auto sales per dealership could hit record levels this year, say industry insiders

If the positive trends among automotive dealers continue and automotive forecasts of 14 million vehicle sales this year come true, average sales per dealership could reach record levels this year, said John Frith, vice president of Urban Science, a Detroit-based retail consulting firm.

Average sales per dealership - also known as throughput - was 719 in 2011. The forecast is to hit 785 this year, Frith said, beating a throughput of 775 vehicles in 2000.

The number of automotive dealerships in the U.S. grew by 100 last year to 17,767, including four more in Michigan, in further evidence of a…

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OFFICIAL Clint Eastwood Chrysler Commercial – It’s Halftime in America

If you haven't seen the New Chrysler OFFICIAL Clint Eastwood Chrysler Commercial, It's Halftime in America,yet it is time for you to check it out!

It is truly an inspirational commercial! Although lately most of Chrysler's commercials have been or at least that is their intention. In a time when the Motor City is struggling to stay afloat during these hard economical times, Chrysler is staying focused on the bigger picture…. the second half of the game!

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