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Mega Millions $312M Jackpot winner bought ticket in Albany, New York

If you live in Albany, N.Y. today could be a life changing day at least for one lucky Mega Millions ticket holder!! Friday's Winning Ticket was sold at Coulson's News Center. It's dissapointing news to Michiganders but now the search is on for that winner in New York!

According to the Mega Millions website, last nights jackpot is the sixth-highest in the game's history. The largest jackpot was $390 million in March 2007.

Last nights jackpot has been increasing every Tuesday and Friday since Feb. 1, when the previous winners, the Bolke family of Illinois and a group postal workers in Michigan, split a $93 million jackpot.

Many people play the lottery every week in hopes of hitting it big so that they can retire or at least pay off their debt. Considering the odds of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot are only 176 million-to-1 it might be time to choose a New Retirement Plan.

Since its inception in May 2002, Mega Millions has sold more than 21.88 billion tickets and 110 people have won the jackpot. If you do the math: The cost of playing the Mega Millions is $1. Imagine you have a $25 a week lottery habit your yearly cost is $1,300. If you take that same $25 a week from the age of 21 to 65 years old and invest in a Roth IRA with a 7 percent return rate, you'll accumulate $346,000.

Even I play the lotto and I probably will always spend a few dollars because who can resist the "Chance" to Win BIG? But I think in the future I will limit my spending on tickets and take a gamble with an IRA or other retirement account just in case my numbers never come up :-)


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